Thursday, November 30, 2017

Range Trip - Two SIGs

We've been living in construction zone for a few weeks as we undertake some renovations at home. Add to that stress from the craziness of catching up after the 4-day holiday weekend at work, and I was more than ready for some range time relaxation. My second P320 was returned from SIG last week after having the upgrade work performed, so I was most anxious to test it out.

I packed both the Full Size and Compact P320 versions for this outing, as I wanted to compare them directly. After spending time jumping back and forth between the two, it's hard to truly feel any difference between them. I did notice that I seemed to shoot the Compact model a bit more accurately then the Full Size. That's not what I would have expected, although I have been shooting the smaller gun more frequently of late. Undoubtably, there's more shooting practice that will need to be done to resolve that difference.

After shooting both guns over several trips to the range, I can say I do like the trigger enhancements performed by SIG as part of the "voluntary upgrade." While I was not worried in the least about the supposed safety issue, I am happy to have taken advantage of the offered "fix."

I shot longer and put more rounds down range than I typically do during a quick lunch outing. I'll have a bit more catching up to do at work, but it's worth it. The break was a most welcome diversion.

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