Saturday, July 11, 2020

1781 Fimbulvinter & LFD Double Ligero

Last weekend I was happy to see that 1781 Brewing had their Fimbulvinter Stout back on tap and I picked up a growler to enjoy over the holiday. On Sunday, while Colleen baked cookies, I poured myself a glass of the Imperial Stout and lit up a smoke. 

Fimbulvinter pours deep black color with a short lived beige head. Aromas of dark chocolate and coffee greet the nose. The flavor profile follows the nose, with bitter chocolate, espresso, and molasses featured. The mouthfeel is thick with a lingering bitterness.

The La Flor Dominica Double Ligero offers a delightful flavor mate to the stout. The dark Ecuadorian Maduro wrapper, and Dominican binder and filler combine to produce a rich, bold smoke. The dark Ligero leaves featured in the blend give the cigar an extra kick of flavor and strength.

Soon, her baking done, Colleen joined me on the porch as we enjoyed the flavorful Stout and the warm evening air. It wasn't a half bad way to wind down the long Independence weekend.

Sadly, when I returned to 1781 this weekend with my empty growler, the limited Fimbulvinter was no longer available for fills to go. So, it's a fond memory until the next batch is ready.


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