Friday, July 10, 2020

Coffee and a Cuban Cigar

On side effect of the COVID-1984 restrictions is that I have more free Saturday mornings. The chances to shoot on weekends have decreased, and there's been a reduction in other activities as well. Lately I've been enjoying an early morning cigar and coffee on the deck, before the heat and neighborhood power equipment ramp up. As a nod to this, Colleen gave me an espresso maker for Father's Day.

I typically enjoy my coffee "straight up," black, no cream, whether that a big mug of regular coffee or a small cup of espresso. But I do partake in a creamy treat from time to time. Recently I enjoyed a big Cappuccino with a classic Cuban cigar. The Romeo y Julieta Petit Coronas is one of the cigars I brought back from our Ireland trip last year. (You remember travel, right?) 

The small 5 ⅛" x 42 stick offers about a 40 minute smoke. Like most Cubans, it is balanced and, in my opinion, quite mild. The smoke has a creamy, nutty taste with a touch of sweetness. Yeah, sort of like the coffee, though the coffee predominated on the palate. 

I've only smoked a few Cubans. I don't find them overly exciting as a general rule. Give me a bold Nicaraguan or Dominican blend any day. However, the Cubans are interesting and offer a glimpse into the rich history of cigars. All of the Cuban cigars I've smoked of late have been paired with coffee, which seems appropriate. Perhaps in the future, I might try a rum pairing. For academic reasons, of course.

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