Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Beating the Heat and Digging Into the Stash

After that warm IDPA match last Saturday, I was recovered enough after a dinner out with the family to face the heat once again. This time on the back porch for a drink and a smoke. Remember that delicious Bishops Blend cigar I lamented not buying more of? Well, it so happened the shop had a few more left when I returned, and I snagged the last six on the shelf. It was one of those limited releases I decided to light up for my evening repast.

Since I was consuming one of my limited smokes, I figured I'd also dig into one my my, surprisingly, limited Bourbons. I recall when Buffalo Trace was just another ubiquitous whiskey, worthy of any cabinet, inexpensive, and easy to find. I always had it on hand, and had no hesitation to pour it any time, neat or in a cocktail. Then somewhere along the line, it became a thing. The ABC stores started listing it as "limited." It became a topic of conversation among friends when it was found in stock.

As always, the Black Label Trading Company Bishops Blend did not disappoint. The small stick provided about 45 minutes of enjoyment. The cigar's cocoa and coffee notes matched well with the oak, dark fruit, and spice of the bourbon.

It was an enjoyable way to wind down the day.  And I still have a little of both treats left for another day.


  1. You keep making me want to explore cigars. I already have enough expensive habits...

    1. These days, one needs to grab all the enjoyment possible.


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