Monday, October 8, 2007

Saving beer bottles

Yes, I save beer bottles. Actually just one of each new beer I try. I started mid-2006 and have around 175 currently. I don't collect bottles from beers I don't drink. I occasionally will bring home bottles from restaurants or trips, but most of these were beers had at home. It's fun to look through the bottles from time to time and reminisce about the beers, or the occasion when they were enjoyed. Sure, most beers bottles are the same except for the labels, and saving just the labels would take less space. But, my basement is unfinished right now, so it's easy to keep a couple of industrial shelves up and store the bottles. I've put pictures of the bottles here. The pictures are about a month old and the collection is not static by any means. :-) The bottles are in multiple rows, so it's hard to see the ones in the back.

Someday we'll finish the basement and have to cull out the common ones, but for now it's a pastime I can indulge in freely.

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