Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hotel annoyance

I've heard that restaurants will play loud background music in order to keep guests from lingering (urban legend?), but I never imagined I'd be annoyed by forced background music in my hotel room. As I was trying get to sleep last night in Denver I was disturbed by music coming in from outside. I thought it might be from the lounge across the street or from a car in the parking lot. So I waited. 11:00 PM turned to midnight, which turned to 1:00 AM, and the music continued. I finally got dressed and went to down to the lobby and walked outside. The music was coming from speakers on the outside of the hotel! The same music was playing in the lobby. I talked to the desk clerk and he offered to turn the music off. So I finally got to sleep, only to be awakened at 5:30 AM by the music playing again. When I went down for breakfast I talked to the desk clerk again and he told me he was required to have the music on. Incredible, hotel policy requires playing music outside guest rooms all night long!

I've stayed at this same hotel several times and have always had good experiences. I asked for and received a new room that is away from the front of the hotel for the rest of my stay. I spoke to the manager as well. He said this was all "programmed in" and he would have to look for a way to lower the volume on the outside speakers at night. It's certainly a bizarre world we live in.

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