Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Unexpected Beer Haul

My family went out last weekend to have lunch at Red Robin. The restaurant is located at Massaponax, an area that has seen an explosion of commercial growth lately. After lunch we decided to check out the new Super Target across the street. I was surprised, but quite pleased, to find that this Target store had a grocery section which also stocked beer and wine. The beer selection was pretty typical of grocery store chains. However, to my surprise they had Sierra Nevada Celebration (2007) in 24 and 6 packs. I hadn't seen this year's Celebration yet anywhere else around here. Naturally I left with some Celebration. (Literally and figuratively.)

Then we noticed a World Market store in the same shopping center, so we walked in there to have a look around. There was small beer selection in here as well. An assortment of Belgian styles along with assorted other imported and domestic craft beers. Everything seemed to be available for single purchase as well. I picked up some Leffe Blonde and Troegenator Double Bock. On the way to the check out I saw a "Winter Beer 10-pack" that contained:

Saranac Pumpkin Ale
Green Flash Nut Brown Ale
Abita Mardi Gras Bock
Otter Creek Stovepipe Porter
Brooklyn Oktoberfest Beer
Bluegrass Brewing Bearded Pat's Barleywine
MacTarnahan's Blackwatch Porter
Red Tail Ale
St. George Fall Bock

This assortment is packaged by World Market. They also had various other assortments available. I decided to pick up the Winter pack since there were some interesting beers included. I'll find out soon if the beers were old or not, but they weren't dusty at least.

I wouldn't drive across town to shop for beer at these two stores, but I'll definitely check in and see what they stock when I happen to be in the area. I went out for lunch and ended up bringing home a fun beer haul. This trip got me to thinking about the other retailers of craft beers in the Fredericksburg area. Beeradvocate.com lists only three retail stores in Fredericksburg, however that information is a bit dated. In the coming weeks I intend to visit some of the local retailers and post reviews of the stores and what they stock.

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