Sunday, October 7, 2007

Our "home" for the weekend

We took the Cub Scouts camping this weekend. Between scouts and their famlies, we had 69 folks along. The setting was ideal; a fishing pond, clean facilities, and plenty of room for everyone. The weather was excellent.

On Saturday, my group, the 2nd Year Webelos had a fishing lesson from Dave and Chris, two accomplished fishermen. Dave talked to them about rod and lures. They learned some useful knots and practiced casting. Chris demonstrated fly fishing lure tying and all the boys tied a lure to keep. We also reviewed some rope knots and hung a dining fly. On Sunday, breakfast was "catered" by one of the dads and we ate well. :-) Later we worked with clay as part of the Craftsman pin. A well-known sculptor was also on the camping trip and the boys were treated to some pointers from him.

A great time was had by all. This is the last trip my group will take before they bridge over to Boy Scouts in February. I think I'll miss these trips. :-)

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