Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bull & Bush Pub & Brewery

After work last night I made one last "beer stop" in Denver. I've been wanting to visit the Bull & Bush Pub & Brewery for some time now and finally got the opportunity. This pub does not disappoint.

The atmosphere is very welcoming. The pub was crowded but the noise level certainly wasn't high. I sat at the bar and had a good view of the service provided. I saw several folks trying to decide what beer to try and the bartender Tiffany was ready to provide samples to help in the decision process. I started off with their Man Beer IPA. A decent enough IPA but not as hoppy as hyped. Maybe it's my taste buds. Beer Advocate lists this as 7.00% ABV but it seemed less than that to me. Maybe they've tweaked the recipe, or hidden the alcohol very well. However, the IPA did go very well with the spicy shrimp tacos I had. My dinnner was very tasty. They have a decent pub menu here. After my meal I opted to enjoy a Stonehenge Stout for dessert. The stout had strong smell of roasted coffee and went down very smoothly. I enjoyed this one very much.

Dinner and drinks at Bull & Bush was certainly an enjoyable way to wind down from the day. If I wasn't already tired from my trip and didn't have to get up early to catch a flight I would have definitely stayed longer. I'll certainly go back when I next get to Denver.

I must add, I truly enjoy pubs and restaurants in the Denver area since they are smoke free. Back in Virginia a night at a pub means you will go home smelling like a dirty ash tray.

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