Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Late for the (Denver) party

Well, here I am in Denver on business the week after the Great American Beer Festival has ended. I'm sure hoping the 40,000 visitors to GABF have left some beer in Denver for us late arrivals. :-)

I did stop at Gordon Biersch at Dulles Airport while waiting for my flight and enjoyed a pint of their Märzen. Despite their presence at major airports and in the D.C area, I've never had any of the Gordon Biersch beers. I've been enjoying Märzens lately and the Gordon Biersch Märzen proved to be very nice example of the style. Gordon Biersch claims it's their most popular beer.

After dinner I stopped in at the Great Northern for a quick beer. The bartender Brian recommended Odell Extra Special Red Ale, part of Odell's Single Batch Series. I've enjoyed every beer I've had from Odell and look for their beers whenever I'm in Denver. It won a Bronze medal at GABF where in the Imperial or Double Red Ale category. In any event it is an interesting beer. More malt than hop IMO, despite the emphasis on hops according to the brewery's web site. There was an interesting flavor background that I couldn't place. Not sure I'd order another, but certainly don't regret having tried it.

I've got a busy couple of days ahead of me, but hopefully I'll be able to take advantage of the craft beer scene in Denver as well. And while I'm not a big baseball fan, it's worth mentioning that the folks in Denver are watching their Colorado Rockies with much excitement. As I write this the Rockies have a big lead over Arizona Diamondbacks in game 4 of the National League playoffs.

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