Monday, November 14, 2011

Battlefield Oktoberfest

Whew, I didn't miss it. I was told near the end of September that Battlefield Brewing was tapping their Oktoberfest, and despite a great desire to do so, I just never got in to try it out. Imagine my delight when we stopped in for dinner at The Pub this weekend and it was still available!

Battlefield Brewing Oktoberfest is a dark, reddish brown in color with a very thin, and quickly vanishing head. I was pleased to see my glass was not frosted and the beer was served at a reasonable temperature. The Pub has in the past been fond of frosted mugs and too cold beer, but tonight anyway that was not an issue. The aroma is mild and bready. The flavor has a strong malt profile with a nice grainy bitterness in the finish. The mouthfeel is light with very low carbonation. A very nice and easy to drink beer.

Now if you've read other musings here about The Pub and Battlefield Brewing, you can probably guess what food I selected to go with my Oktoberfest. Of course, one of The Pub's excellent burgers, this time the bacon-cheeseburger version. A perfect repast for a fall evening dinner.


  1. Anytime beer is served in a frosted glass at near freezing temperature, that's an attempt to cover up poor quality.

  2. While it's true that a frosted glass covers bad quality beer, it's often a sign of ignorance on the bar owner/staff. So many US drinkers demand a frosted glass, because they drink crappy factory beer. In this case, even the brewer has complained that the bar serves the beer too cold. Maybe they finally wised up.


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