Sunday, November 6, 2011

Government-Hating Nutzies

That's how the editors of the local rag, The Free Lance-Star, describe the opponents of Senator Edd Houck. It was no surprise that the left-leaning paper would throw its endorsement to liberal Senator's reelection campaign. What was a surprise was the vitriol they used in doing so.
Certainly, social conservatives have good reason to want him gone. As chairman of the Senate Education and Health Committee he has buried anti-abortion legislation, earning 100 percent ratings from NARAL and Planned Parenthood. But it is hard to see how many others share that sentiment, apart from government-hating nutzies.
All across the country we are witnessing the leftist "Occupy" crowd burn buildings, defecate on police cars, cover up incidents of rape, and call for our government to be overthrown and replaced with socialism. Yet the local paper considers those on the right who oppose Houck's reelection to be "government-hating nutzies." All the while touting Houck's "ability to work with the other side."


  1. Heh. Every time I see the Free Lance-Star trying to give away newspapers in the local grocery stores, I say "No, thank you." One guy insisted that I wanted it for the coupons. "No, thank you", I said." He wouldn't let it go, so as I was walking away, I asked "You still publishing the names and addresses of CHP holders?"

    He got quite indignant. "We haven't done that in a LONG time!"

    "It hasn't been that long", I replied as I kept walking. Now I just politely tell whoever is trying to foist one upon me "No thank you. I don't care for your paper."

  2. Nancy, I often think it's interesting that the only thing FLS can promote as a "positive" in their paper are the coupons!


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