Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Lone Wolf

Sunday evening, Mayor Bloomberg announced the arrest of an Islamic terror suspect in New York. The initial CNN online news article stated in part:
The alleged would-be attacker, who is believed to be of Hispanic descent, had been monitored by the New York Police Department for about two years, according to the source. The same source added that the suspect had converted to Islam and recently had begun talking about waging a “jihad” consistent with his devotion to the religion. (emphasis added)
Within the hour CNN showed its dhimmitude and edited the article, the updated content posted here at the original link. CNN removed any mention of the suspect's conversion to Islam, or even any mention of his new-found "religion." What, or who, is CNN afraid of to cause them to water down the story so quickly?

Suddenly the focus on this story is that the suspect was a "lone wolf." This seems to be the repeated mantra in these cases of late. Officials emphasize that he had no contact with known terrorists or groups. Part of a group, or acting alone, his motivation to kill was apparently drawn from his devotion to hardline Islam. That should not be overlooked.

How many lone wolves does it take to make a pack?

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