Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day 2011

Today is the day set aside to honor our military veterans. The day also serves as a reminder to all Americans of the sacrifices made by these men and women. I am not a vet, but many of my dearest friends are, and I treasure those friendships. Something I noticed long ago is that, as a group, our vets are some of the most caring and helpful people I know. I guess the values one learns in serving your country tend to stay with you for life.

I remember growing up during a pathetically sad time in our history when veterans were not respected, and returning warriors were often derided. I pray that we never sink that low as a country again.

Take a moment today to pray for our military, and for all veterans. Remember those who are gone, and those to come. Without them we would not have the freedom we enjoy today. To all our veterans, thank you for everything you have done!

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