Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why Vote?

When I hear folks say they don't vote it because their vote doesn't count it makes me want to slap my head in frustration, and then theirs too. Take a look at how government changes take place in other parts of the world, through violence, and tell me voting doesn't matter. At least for now, despite the protestations of some useful idiots, we enjoy peaceful change in the United States.

Take a look at the vote counts in two elections last week here in Virginia.

17th District Senate

Spotsylvania County Supervisor

That's 222 votes separating the candidates in the Senate race and a mere 26 votes in the Supervisor race. So go ahead, shirk your responsibility by not voting if you think it doesn't matter. To quote my buddy Damon Brogdon on Facebook, in response to non-voter, "Hmmmm keep thinking that way there sport, because chances are, if that's an example of your logic... we aren't voting for the same people anyway."


  1. And here I am feeling guilty about not campaigning for some of the candidates.

  2. ...and the sad thing is that the person I heard say this... he's military. Of ALL people, military members should take an active interest in the people who send us to war.


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