Sunday, November 27, 2011

Selfish Twits

Of all the idiocy surrounding the "occupy" movement, none better exemplifies the participants' inherent selfishness than the sign that some parents forced upon their nine year old, "What is in your bag that's more important than my education?"

Where do I start? How about maybe there's food for a family in the bag. Or maybe clothes or school books. Or maybe it's even a luxury like an iPod2 or Kindle. So what? What makes these leeches feel they are so deserving of other people's money? If the occu-nuts don't like the high cost of education, why aren't they out protesting their liberal college professor's selfishness at insisting to be paid for teaching them?

In another incident, the mindless drones invaded a Walmart and harassed shoppers before leaving behind 75 shopping carts full of merchandise that employees had to put away. The same employees they claim they are trying to protect. Too bad Walmart security doesn't carry pepper spray.

1 comment:

  1. The thing in my bag more important than whatever is a big can of None-Of--Your-Business.


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