Monday, November 21, 2011

National Ammo Day - The Day After

As noted previously, Saturday, November 19 was National Ammo Day. We did our part and made some extra ammo purchases on Saturday. And what does one do with extra ammo? Why, shoot it of course! On Sunday afternoon we did just that. We loaded up our steel targets and headed out for some quick pistol shooting fun. When we arrived at the range there were numerous shooters there enjoying the warm fall day, but fortunately there was still one bay open. This position has a small berm at 25 yards; just enough room for two people to set up and safely shoot the two targets.

We spent about an hour "just shooting." No drills, no shooting on the move. Just good fun target shooting. The purpose of National Ammo Day is to recognize and support our rights as free citizens. The sounds of gunfire and ringing steel is a fitting anthem for such a celebration.

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