Monday, April 8, 2013

A Pub Night Mistimed

After a fun range trip we headed over to The Tavern for dinner. Most of our party had a hankering for "Wings," while I was thinking about a juicy burger and a beer. It had been a while since we visited this pub, but we remembered they had good food and a decent beer selection.

When we arrived I saw a sign for Devils Backbone Vienna Lager. I've got bottles of that one in my fridge, but I don't think I've ever had it served on draft, so my beverage decision was easy. Three of our party opted for the "Tavern Wings" appetizer for their main course. I went with the "Blue Heaven" burger; a half pound burger topped with a generous portion of honey ham and Swiss cheese. Yep, it was as tasty as it sounds!

So far so good, what could be wrong you ask? As we were enjoying our food, the proprietor came by and jokingly remarked "You're supposed to order wings on Wednesday!" That's when we realized that The Tavern has half-priced wings every Wednesday. Then I looked at the daily specials list sitting on the table. It turns out burgers are half-price on Mondays! We were there on the wrong day for both.

The Vienna Lager poured a dark amber color with a beige head. The aroma was bready with some sweetness to hit. Served a tad too cold for my tastes, the flavor peaked after a few minutes of warming. The lager is rich with caramel and bread flavors with a hint of toasted nuttiness. Just a hint of bitterness finishes it off. My serving, a real 20 ounce "pint", went down way too quickly. On my next visit I'm going to allow time for another. I suspect that visit will take place on a Monday or Wednesday evening.

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