Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Practice Session

As noted in my previous match report, I seemed to have succumbed to some sloppy shooting recently. In the rush of competition I was not staying focused on the sights completely through the trigger press. As noted also, I was going to fix that issue. So after work recently I headed out to the range for a short practice session. (Gotta love the longer daylight hours!)

Setting up a lone USPSA target at 25 yards, I put 75 rounds downrange. After each shot I decocked the trigger, so all the shots were from the long double action pull. I didn't take a lot of time waiting for a perfect sight picture; pausing only long enough to get the sights back on an acceptable sight picture to call it in the A zone.

I started out a little low and left. That's from jerking the trigger and is the issue what I wanted to fix. It didn't take long to get myself focused in again and the shots started finding the center of the target. I was happy with what I got done in this practice session. I only expended 75 precious rounds, and every one of them was shot with a specific purpose in mind, making use of limited ammo resources. And it was still fun.

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