Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Devils Backbone Steal the Glass Night

Colleen and I returned to Capital Ale House Tuesday evening for a Devils Backbone Steal the Glass event. The event featured Devils Backbone Kabong Triple Imperial IPA. A few other Devils Backbone beers were also available; Black Rock Oatmeal Stout, Sonnet 54 Saison, Cranberry Gose, Vienna Lager, and Gold Leaf Lager. Colleen had the Stout while I ordered a pint of the Triple IPA.

Kabong is a strongly flavored beer but still has a nice balance of sweet malt and oily citrus hops. The flavor finished on the sweet side but otherwise it had a very clean finish for such a rich flavor profile. Surprisingly, I was able to detect very little aroma from the beer. This strong beer checks in at 11.1% ABV, so slow sipping was the order of the evening as I enjoyed a fish & chips platter.

Even though we got seated at the bar just 20 minutes after the 6:00PM start of the Steal the Glass event, my Devils Backbone beer came out in an O’Conner Brewing pint glass, and Colleen’s Stout in an Adventure Brewing glass. Our server informed us they were already out of the Devils Backbone glassware. Apparently a large “private party” downstairs claimed all the glasses. Although that would save us from paying the premium price to “steal” a glass, it was disappointing as we did like the glass being offered. (Fortunately our server did manage to find us a couple of glasses to take later in the evening.)

Making do

I would have like to tried the Devils Backbone Gose as well, but after the high ABV Kabong, I opted for just the one beer; it was a “school night” after all.


  1. Awesome! I didn’t know about Kabong. I hope to see it migrate a little farther north. Not much... just a little.


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