Monday, July 8, 2013

The Juice Pouch for Adults

Everyone is familiar with the "juice-pouch" so popular with kids. Well, make it bigger, fill it with beer, and now you've got a party. That was my thought when I heard about the Beer Pouch.

Well, that's not quite the idea, but it sure sounds fun, yes? Actually, the Beer Pouch is an interesting take on the traditional growler. The Beer Pouch holds 64 ounces of beer like a standard glass growler, but in a collapsable, light-weight container.

There have been numerous occasions when I've been at a brewpub, without a growler in-hand. The standard glass container is not very convenient to keep in the car, always at the ready. Perhaps I should stuff a beer pouch under the seat, just in case.


  1. Fred'burg Cop - What is this?

    David - It's a beer pouch.

    Fred'burg Cop - And it's empty?

    David - The glass ones aren't convenient to carry in the car with me...

    Ha Ha. You know my number.
    I'll always fork over a few bucks for bail.
    What are friends for?


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