Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beer & Kidney Stones

Don't fret. The news is good. A study of 195,094 people over an eight year period has shown that what you drink may be more beneficial in preventing kidney stones than how much liquid you consume. Daily Health News reports on the findings.
Beer reduced kidney stone risk by 41%.
White wine reduced risk by 33%.
Red wine reduced risk by 31%.
Caffeinated coffee reduced kidney stone risk by 26%.
Decaf coffee reduced risk by 16%.
Orange juice reduced risk by 12%.
Tea reduced risk by 11%.
Not only beer, but apparently my fondness for caffeinated coffee may prove to be a good thing in the long run. Another interesting finding in the report is that diet colas did not appear to increase the risk, although diet non-colas and sugar-sweetened colas did.

The researchers theorize that the diuretic effect of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages is a contributing factor in their benefits. So perhaps the healthful conclusion is to not fret about those frequent beer-induced bathroom breaks.

See "Best and Worst Drinks for Preventing Kidney Stones" for more.


  1. Between the beer and coffee, I'll get my first kidney stone two years after I die.

  2. Interesting that cranberry juice, which I've always heard is an anti-kidney stone drink, isn't on there.

    It also appears that beer may have the same skin protecting compounds as wine, as well.

  3. We're living right it would seem.


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