Monday, July 28, 2014

Shooting and Craft Beer

Visitors to these Musings, know that we frequently follow our shooting range time with the enjoyment of good beer. In fact, we encourage it, in the right order. During our recent visit to Old Ox Brewery, we saw that the Silver Eagle Group indoor range was a neighbor of the brewery. I recently learned that the brewery and the range have teamed up to bring the opportunity to others, with a "Date Night hosted by SEG & Old Ox Brewery":
Have you been looking for the perfect excuse to hire a sitter and get some quality time with your honey? We’ve partnered with our new neighbor, Old Ox Brewery, to give you an exciting date night!  The evening will start with classroom instruction before heading to the range to practice your skills.  SEG staff will be on the range to provide assistance and recommendations.  Once everyone has built up an appetite, we’ll head across the parking lot to the tasting room at Old Ox Brewery for pizza and beer. 
Each person will get to sample four different craft beers and select a pint to enjoy over pizza. Additional pints will be available for purchase. Old Ox Brewery will only be open to date night participants so you can skip the lines and receive personal attention. 
Best targets of the night will earn the winning couple SEG swag and an additional free pint!

This event will be held from 6:30 to 9:30PM on Wednesday, August 13. Sounds like a fun evening. I hope it's successful. We once tried to organize an event at Blue & Gray Brewery after a Fredericksburg USPSA match, but there wasn't enough shooter interest to make it worthwhile.

Note: I am not connected with the brewery or the range. I'm just sharing news on what I think will an interesting event. Though if anyone wants to invite me on a "date," I might be persuaded. ;-)

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