Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Blood of Christians

Whenever I see a car like this, I go on alert for my and my family's safety. I must be aware that a supporter of immorality and anti-Christian sentiment is nearby. Recent events, enabled by 0bama's policies and his desire to appease his voting base, at any cost, have shown us the horrific results of his allegiance to those enemies of Christianity. The blood of Christians stains the hands of this president.

Islam is a direct threat to not only Christianity, but America as a whole, and still this president is not shy about his love for this barbaric ideology. If there's any doubt as to his leanings, President Barack Huessein Obama's own statements on islam will clear any confusion.

Sadly, it appears we Christians will have to fend for ourselves if we are to survive. If it's a Holy War they want, it's a Holy War they might just get.


  1. Check out the vanity plates. That's either a *serious* crush / infatuation or someone who works under him (like a staffer)...


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