Thursday, February 9, 2017

100 Round Lunch

Another lunch break spent at the indoor range.

I originally figured I was going to have a full week of eating lunch over my laptop. However, I did toss my range gear into the car before I left home in the morning, just in case. Fortuitously, a scheduled conference call was cancelled so I managed to get out of the office.

The car thermometer showed 37 degrees outside when I pulled into the range parking lot, and it was close to that inside. There’s something odd about shooting indoors in a coat and hat. Shooting in cold weather doesn’t bother me — when I'm actually outdoors! There were only a couple other shooters so it was a little more relaxing time than last week.

Again I worked with the SIG P239. This trip I mostly shot from 10-15 yards, with some closer one-handed shooting thrown in. After a few weeks of dry fire and a couple range trips, I’m feeling reacquainted with the compact gun. We’ll see soon how well that translates to competition.

With the outdoor range operating under short hours and increasingly restrictive shooting rules, I’m relying on dry fire practice these days more than anything else. Practice drawing from the holster and doing reloading drills is pretty simple with dry fire, and I do try to simulate a bit of movement as well. However, my live fire practice is restricted to standing in the range booth and shooting, at best, from low ready. At least quick follow up shots are within the range rules.

The match season is getting ready to ramp up again, and soon I’ll have the option of shooting most weekends. Those matches may well be about the only shooting on the move I get to do for a while.

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