Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Virginia Governor Shows His Disdain For The Military

Once again, Governor McAuliffe shows his disdain for the Constitution, self defense and U.S. military personnel.  From a VCDL Alert...

Governor McAuliffe just vetoed HB 1582, Delegate Campbell's bill to allow active duty and honorably discharged military members who are over 18 and under 21 to apply for a concealed handgun permit.

The Governor has never been a fan of gun owners and is now also showing an anti-military position to boot.

HB 1582 passed the House by a whopping 79 to 18 vote! THAT IS VETO PROOF as long as the Democrats (and Republicans) stand their ground on this bill.

The House will get the first chance to override the veto. If that succeeds, then the Senate will have its chance to do the same.

Unfortunately, the bill only passed the Senate by a 24 to 15 vote, with one Republican not voting (Senator Wagner). Assuming that he votes correctly when he gets a chance, the vote would be 25 to 15, only two votes shy of a veto override.

HOWEVER, there are several Senate Democrats who voted against HB 1582 who also represent large military areas. They may well change their vote under pressure.


We need EVERYONE to send an email to their Senator on overriding the veto, ESPECIALLY IF YOUR SENATOR IS A DEMOCRAT!

Click here to send the email:


Also make sure the House overrides the veto by contacting your Delegate:


To push even harder, click below to get the phone number to call your Senator and Delegate [immediately]:

It's unfortunate that people who surround themselves with armed security have so little concern for the safety of "regular" people. In addition, the elitist's veto prevents Georgia from honoring Virginia Conceal Handgun Permits. 

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