Thursday, October 2, 2014

Just Plinking

After seeing how nature was taking over my range supplies, it was obvious that I was overdue for some range time. So after work yesterday, while the rest of the family was busy with other activities, I made a quick visit to the range. I happened to notice that it had been exactly one month to the day since I was last out practicing.

Given the increasing and ever changing restrictions at the range, I hadn't really been motivated to get over there. When I go to the range, it's mostly for the relaxation and diversion from work, with the bonus of practicing skills needed for the USPSA matches. Dealing with curmudgeons and "floating" restrictions spoils my mood and wrecks the practice time. So for this trip, I left the competition belt at home — just a leather holster and an extra magazine holder for convenience — and decided to simply enjoy putting some rounds downrange.

For most of the time I just stood and shot, but I did work on drawing from cover a bit. I was recently made aware of needing a bit more work on that maneuver. I also went through a few magazines while shooting on the move, before I started wondering if doing so, combined with the cover garment, counted as "tactical shooting," which is also a prohibited action.

Fortunately, even just standing and shooting is beneficial, especially with good concentration on trigger, or finger, control. Though keeping the hits in the A zone, my groups were tending a bit to the left. Since doing anything towards the left is anathema to me, I decided to drill on this even more. I spent most of my time standing at the 25 yard line while concentrating on the sight alignment and trigger press. Shooting both controlled pairs and single double action trigger pull shots, I ended up quite pleased with the results at the end.

It was a fun range session, despite the limitations placed by folks who, it appears, just don't want the ranges used. ("We're a conservation club, not a shooting club.") But, just plinking can be beneficial too. And it's certainly a great way to let off the stress of the work day.

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