Monday, October 6, 2014

Seven Years of Blogging

Today marks seven years, and the 1,984th post, since the inception of Musings Over a Pint. In blog years that's at least middle aged I think. I must admit, I frequently wonder why do I do this. It's not for money, nor fame and glory. But no sooner do I start thinking it's time to retire, I sit down and put bits to disk and remember — it's fun! I've also met some great folks, over the years, both virtually and for real, which is a great reward for the time devoted to this little project.

As I mentioned often, I use this blog as a journal for my own entertainment. It's fun to go back and relive fun times from the past; good beers, interesting trips, fun shooting events and the occasional rant. Sometimes I even convince myself other people find it interesting too.



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